Solar Consumer Reporting

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Solar Consumer Reporting

           This website and free service was made to help you know the true performance of many types of Solar products.  This is a not for profit website so I hope you can trust it. I will not take any advertising or money so you will get unbiased reporting.


I will include Solar Panels that make Electricity called Photo Voltaic Panels. These are made of many cells connected together to make a panels. Panels are connected together in series to make an array. I will tell you about the many different types of these PV panels , their rating and what they mean in the real world. I will also try to tell you how and where to use them and when not to use them. Also the best places to use them and the best way to mount and connect them.

On this site I will tell you the exact name brand and performance of the many panels. This is something many testing companies and manufacturers will not do. I will also tell you of any failures and problems with each type of panel. 

When I do any testing or have real life stories I will give you names and locations so you can check and verify any information. If others do any testing and submit their information I will do my best to verify it and make sure they were not paid or are influenced in anyway.

I will not publish a magazine and create all that waste and energy use.  Feel free to copy and save any information from this website. Also please contact me with any facts or errors you find. We all want the best most up to date information.

CONTACT: Sunny (jim) Stack   located in Sunny Chandler Arizona USA

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